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About Meital


Meital is a self-taught artist and children's book illustrator



I’m Meital Regev, an aerospace engineer by education and profession, and a self-taught artist, based in Temecula, CA.

After 12 years of working as an aerospace engineer, I decided to make a change and pursue my dream of being an artist.


I’m breathing art (and coffee :) ) 24/7 and want to share my journey with you!


Here is my story-

'How did an aerospace engineer for 12 years decides to leave everything and become an artist?'


As a daughter of an aerospace engineer dad and a teacher mom, it was hard to make this decision. 

How did my dad react when I told him at the age of 37 that I want to be an artist???

 He said, ‘but maybe you can do both??!...’😆


I painted as a little girl. Art was always in the background, my mom painted a lot, but also the talks that art is not a profession, it’s more of a hobby. 

I put a goal to myself to change this! 


8 years ago, my mom passed away from cancer, it was devastating for me. We shared our love for each other and for art. We shared a common dream, in it, we could live by selling our art alone.


5 years ago my husband, our 4 kids and I moved from Israel to the US and left everything behind, family, friends, and our jobs. This move, to give our family a better future, was a fresh start for us all.


While we all adjusted to a new country, house, language, schools, and environment, it was a great opportunity to nurture my ‘hobby’ for art.


In less than a year, and with the encouragement of my family and friends, I opened my first Etsy shop for handmade jewelry.


A year later I opened my second Etsy shop for nursery art and organizers. I started to paint more often.

Falling in love with watercolor art was like a bridge to start painting with coffee.


Painting with coffee always smells so good. Fresh coffee that was just being ground, led me to nostalgic memories of my parent’s Saturday morning coffee scent☕.

(Fun fact: my paintings still have a coffee scent 6 months later…)


In 2021 I opened my 3rd Etsy shop for coffee paintings and fell in love with coffee art.

        I noticed the need of people, now more than ever, (working from home as Covid hit) for renovating their home, decorating it with beautiful art, and making it a joyful space to be in. 


Almost 5 years passed since I made this change of career and I couldn’t be happier.

         Slowly but surely, with a lot of hard work, dedication and time I'm now the owner of 3 Etsy shops and my own online store including :

their branding, marketing, email marketing, graphic design, product photography, Social media posts, building my own website and creating product videos.

I illustrated two children’s books and get commissions for custom coffee paintings, meet wonderful people and stories along the way.


If you love art, coffee or just in the look for a unique gift for a loved one - 


I invite YOU to make yourself a cup of coffee, join my journey and visit my online store. 


Find the piece of art that talks to your heart, and make YOUR HOME unique, just like you!.

My philosophy


Enjoy my work, but more importantly, to provide the utmost value to my clients. Thus, I am very open to customers’ requests for changes while I work, and my work with my clients is closed-loop to deliver the greatest result to them. One that will WOW them.

       As a mom of 4 + a Husky :) there was the need to create the perfect nursery for each one of them. My nursery art relates to boys and girls, colorful and humoristic paintings that are all original creations of my own imagination.

I'm inspired by nature and my love for animals gives me so many ideas for my art. I love custom orders and love to make your idea of art a reality! 

* My Etsy Shops:

* Exhibitions

'Call of the Wild' SCORE (Southern California Open Regional Exhibitions)

May1-31 202

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