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About coffee art - Informative Page

What is coffee art?

There are two kinds of coffee art - 
The one kind most people know is when you go to a coffee shop and the barista is making you a painting with the milky foam on top of your caffeinated beverage.

The other kind is simply taking a brush, a paper and paint with the coffee on the paper, layers and layers of coffee until the painting is done. 

When was coffee art established?

Coffee painting is not a new art. Coffee paintings appeared centuries ago as coffee started to colonize Europe. It was inspired by Chinese artists who used tea to color their paper in sepia tones and aged effects.
With its range of nuances from light hazelnut brown to darker tones, almost black, my monochromatic art can come to life using gradient varies of brown.

How long does coffee painting last?
Coffee paintings last for tens of years, with no change in color. Not only does it look great it also smells amazing! (even after 6 months I still could enjoy its scent!) 

Where do you find inspiration for your paintings?

I find inspiration for my paintings in nature and animals, in funny incidents of day to day and my humoristic point of view combines them all together to a real idea of art.I created a free Pdf download for artists, just click the link:"8-step Formula to spark your creativity"

How could I protect my painting / print so it could last for a long time?

I usually frame my original coffee paintings and prints to protect them from dust, and keep them away from direct sunlight, just like watercolor paintings.
Don't clean your print or painting with a wet cloth, simply use a feather duster for that (Thank you Tonverse! for adding this point)

How could I know what is the perfect print for me, my space, and my existing decor?

Everyone has different tastes in art. Scroll my coffee paintings and see the ones you feel you love the most. Some are sarcastic, humoristic, surreal, coffee-themed and more

In order to suit best your space, measure the wall space you want to cover with art, take into consideration you need to add a frame (prints are being sent in a tube, unframed) and pick the right print size that will fit perfectly on your wall!

Fun trick - you can add a mat to the inside part of your frame to create an illusion of a bigger picture. (A mat is a cardboard frame, usually white color, that comes together with some frames, and gives the style of a second frame inside the wooden frame)

Since all my coffee art is monochromatic, any painting you choose will fit right in your existing decor and colors.

How long does it take you to paint a custom portrait?

It depends on the complexity of the photo, the clarity, how many portraits are in one painting, and of course if it's in the busy time of year (like before the holidays). It usually takes me about 2 weeks, from the time an order was placed until I ship it to my customer.

Should I order an original painting or a print?

If you would like an original painting made just for you or one of my original paintings already existed you could order it on my website, by contacting me first. The price of the originals is usually more expensive than the prints.
An original painting will suit anyone who appreciates original fine art, scent of coffee and the close look of the coffee layers.
An original painting will be a perfect gift to your loved ones and is one of a kind. There are limited sizes of paintings, most of them are 9 x12".

Prints and posters are reproductions of my original paintings and thus much cheaper. You could purchase them in almost any size and they are available on canvas as well as on fine art paper.

Please contact me directly at: for purchasing one of my original paintings

How did you start painting with coffee?

I took my first painting course on 2021 fo
r watercolors, one of the lessons was about coffee painting, and I fell in love it! I paint with coffee since then.

Whenever I feel I need a break, or things are not happening as I wish- I paint in my studio, getting lost in the details and wandering to a parallel universe (everything else will resolve itself eventually).

When I paint, my heart is dancing with joy and I feel complete.

What do you paint with other than coffee?

I paint with watercolors, watercolor markers, and acrylic. 

What are the advantages of coffee painting compared to watercolors? (Asked by Neri)

1. Coffee painting is an easier medium than watercolors. There are several tricks you can do with coffee that you can't do with watercolors.

2. Coffee painting has a wonderful scent of coffee during the painting itself and even 6 months after (I need to check again soon if they still have coffee scent :))

3. When layering coffee, you get a shiny effect on the paper, compared to watercolor- that it just gets darker.

What kind of coffee do you use for painting? (asked by Tzahi)

I use mixed brews of instant coffee, but I know people who paint with espresso. Don't use black Turkish coffee since it has coffee grains in it and it's not comfortable for painting.

* See photo #2 below for different coffee stain examples

What is your favorite coffee to drink?

I always paint with one cup of coffee to drink next to the other coffee cup that I use for painting. I love to drink my Latte made of 'Roma' Nespresso capsule, combined with lots of milk and no sugar :)  

Do you offer coffee painting workshops or courses?

Yes! I'm offering a new Digital Coffee Painting Course for artists and beginners!
'The secrets of painting with COFFEE"
Join my Free Live Masterclass to get all the info:
You can join my Art Club here:

You can also watch an easy and FREE tutorial of a coffee painting of mine here

What kind of painting techniques do you use when painting with coffee?

In order to explain best my painting techniques, I demonstrated this in photo #1 below:
* First row: coffee stain is getting lighter and lighter as it runs out of my brush
* Second row: as I paint more layers on top of each other, the color is getting darker. Fun fact- even with only 4 layers you get that shiny effect on the paper
* Third row: 3 different techniques:
wet on dry - when I paint with liquid coffee (wet) on dry paper. After the first layer dried I painted a heart (again wet on dry) with a thinner brush. This technique is good for very precise and detailed painting.
wet on wet - in this technique, I first wet the paper with clean water, then I added coffee drops that spread inside the water in the shape of a flower stain.
You can see that the coffee stain will remain inside the water boundaries and won't go outside of it (see the edge of the coffee stain that got a straight line on one side)
The third example is the Lifting technique, where I lift coffee with a dry brush while the coffee stain is still wet, creating an X shape inside it.
* Fourth row: 
Different kinds of brushes will give a different spread of coffee.
In this row, I took two similar-sized brushes, with the same shape but different materials of fibers.
The left stain was created by a synthetic fiber regular brush and the right stain was created by a synthetic version of a squirrel hair brush.
        you can see that the right stain has more of a pigment in it (darker) since the synthetic - squirrel brush can hold a reservoir of color/water in it.


Photo 1 : Coffee painting techniques

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