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Breaking Art Myths: Empowering Artists to Succeed 🔨

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

This blog post was written by the coffee artist Meital Regev and deals with artist self doubt and myths. The author gives examples of these beliefs and ways to deal with them.
'Not everything is Pink' Flamingo coffee painting

There are so many art myths, and I will be addressing them in several blog posts, between tutorials and other topics.

If you already sell your art or not yet, you've probably heard this from other artists or your own thoughts:

"If I work harder and sell my art cheaper then I can sell more art"

"There is no audience for my kind of art"

"Only a select few artists are good enough to make a living doing art"

"I should keep my art as a hobby"

"I'm not good as ____ (fill in the blank)

Growing up, my mom used to paint a lot, as a hobby (She was a High School teacher). But it was always a saying in our home that It's not a 'real' profession and that you can't make a living out of it.

Creative people like you, dealing with the same struggles, have the same feelings and doubts.

All these beliefs and thoughts keep us from bringing our beautiful art to the world.

There are some artists, just like you, who are making a living at it. Artists with similar talents, backgrounds, experience...

What's make these artists succeed?

They take ACTION

Breaking the myth that successful artists posses more talent or luck than you has to do with your inner beliefs, and once you deal with these thoughts and self-doubts head-on, your way to empowering your inner artist is one step closer to your success!

Don't wait for the inspiration to come, wait to have a larger studio, wait for someone famous to reveal you, to dream about your 'big art succsess' to create itself.

"You can't sit and wait for the magic to happen, create your own MAGIC" / Me 😉

The creative world doesn't belong to the genius artists, who can paint hyper realistic style as a photograph.

It belongs to the passionate artists, who have a story to share, who dare, and don't give up!

Look for reasons to share your art! Don't look for the approval of your art by people or permission to be an artist.

You are an artist! Welcome to the club!

I would love to hear your thoughts about this, please comment and share with me🙂

Till next time,

Stay caffeinated☕☕

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