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Coffee, Chaos, and Camouflage: Navigating the Whimsical World of Motherhood

Updated: Apr 15

My monthly column as was published in 'Shavua Israeli' (The Israeli - Jewish Weekly Magazine):

"In the whimsical world of motherhood, where the chaos rivals an octopus's multitasking prowess, I find comfort in imagining a coffee bath akin to that of this mommy octopus – the Cleopatra of the underwater realm, softening her skin in a milky abyss of caffeinated bliss.

As an exhausted mom seeking sanctuary from chronic fatigue, I've often daydreamed about the therapeutic wonders of such a coffee immersion.

Much like a tired mommy octopus, I often find myself grappling with a mental Rolodex of names before landing on the right one when calling my daughter.

Is it the result of having four kids (plus a dog), or is it simply an inevitable side effect of endless tiredness? I ponder these deep mysteries, especially when inventing words like "pizzals" – a fusion of pizza and schnitzels – in my incoherent attempts to decide dinner options and inadvertently initiate a heated sibling debate.😆

If only I possessed the octopus's incredible ability to camouflage, especially when attempting to stealthily enjoy dark chocolate without the prying eyes of my offspring.

And, oh, how I wish I could unleash an ink splash on every child who persistently nags about something I've firmly declined.

In my fleeting fantasy of upgrading to a "super-mom" with eight tentacles, I envision a multitasking marvel during the chaotic days of raising my baby twins.

Two arms cradle two babies,

two arms juggle bottles,

two arms for patting their backs until the most happy noise of a barf,

and the remaining pair?

Perhaps for a much-needed foot massage or brewing that essential cup of coffee ☕– because let's face it, motherhood is the ultimate juggling act.

Did you know that an average of 6000 thoughts dance through a mom's head each day? It's a mental volcano ready to erupt at any given moment.

So, when I manage to steal a few moments in the bath, I reflect on all the things I forgot to do today – only to stress about them again.😯

To all the fearless moms navigating the sea of parenting and life's absurdities, whether underwater or on solid ground, here's to you!

Raise your cup of coffee high, may it be strong, your memory sharp, and your laughter endless. 🐙☕

Cheers to the magical chaos of motherhood!🥂"

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Meital Regev the story behind 'Octopus in your Coffee' Art

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