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The Story Behind the Third Eye

Updated: Apr 15

Here's my monthly column as published on the Israeli-Jewish Weekly Magazine "Israeli Week":

"Horses, those majestic creatures whose eyes spill stories. From my adventures in Israel, New Zealand, to the USA, each ride was a wild one, leaving me with a treasure trove of stories.

In the heart of Israel, I found myself on a towering brown horse, his name eluding me but his appetite unforgettable.

As the rest of the group prepped their horses, mine sought out any green patch for a snack. Leaning down for a nibble, I felt a headstand imminent, envisioning a muddy fall.

Even in our column formation, if he spotted juicy grass, an improvised stop was inevitable – unaware of the horses bumping into him behind.

And then, the journey back to the stable, a lesson I wish someone had warned me about.

The homeward sprint –😯

a thundering gallop that wouldn't be out of place in a professional horse race. I clung to his back for dear life, like a cowboy in a rodeo.

Fast forward to my 20s, where innocence dances with whimsy. For my boyfriend's 25th birthday, I produced what seemed like the ideal gift of romance – an hour of horseback riding at sunset along the beach, ending in a dreamy dinner by the shore. Sounds romantic, right?

Little did I know that after half an hour in the saddle, I'd be yearning for solid ground. Instead of a cushy couch, we found ourselves perched on a rocky, frigid beach, my teeth chattering in the icy sea breeze.

The envisioned romantic dinner? A frozen feast with stiff teeth, with wine chilling in a bucket of ice. We waited in the chilly wind, what felt like an eternity, for our ride back from the middle of nowhere to the starting point.

Note to self: Consider cozying up under a blanket with hot coffee and a wild western movie as a romantic substitute for a horseback ride at the beach.

My Kiwi adventure unfolded at the tail end of the tourist season. The farm owner graciously agreed to a private riding tour just for me.

Together, we navigated steep descents and dangerous trails, surrounded by breathtaking views.

In my mind's eye, I envisioned falling off the cliff, one hand clutching the reins, the other gripping my camera.

My horse, Sam, seemingly attuned to the ticking of my camera working overtime, added an extra layer of magic to the universe's creation.

My final horseback adventure unfolded in the enchanting landscape of Mammoth Lakes, USA. An hour-long family ride on delightfully well-mannered horses, marked by, well, the symphony of 'natural' sounds from the horse in front of me. 😂

Fortunately, the breathtaking views compensated for the sensory experience, considering I'd lost my sense of smell.

Meet Badger, my equine companion for the day. As we patiently awaited our dismount, he turned his head back to me and locked eyes for what felt like an eternity.

As if asking to see who was riding him. (or check that I'm still breathing and haven't passed out from the smell😂)

A silent, wordless conversation occurred– a mutual understanding

I expressed my gratitude, sharing that I truly enjoyed our ride. His eyes spoke volumes, conveying a soft and kind good-bye. Until our next encounter, Badger.

'The Third Eye,' my artistic creation, emerged from these equestrian adventures. Crafted in coffee and adorned with 14K gold leaf, this surrealist painting encapsulates the profound connection between a girl and her horse.

The third eye serves as a symbol of intuition, while the horse represents the enigmatic path to the unknown – to the future. With unwavering knowledge, they lead with safety and compassion.

So here's to more horse tales, painted trails, and the endless adventures that unfold in the company of our four-legged friends! "

The story behind "The 3rd Eye' coffee painting

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