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Bye 2023, Welcome 2024 ! Goals achieved , memories created! Artist life

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Acomplishments and goals by a full time artist

Paintings painted by the Coffee Artist Meital Regev in 2023
Paintings painted by the Coffee Artist Meital Regev in 2023

How's it going? 😊 Hope 2023 treated you well, and if not, 2024 is here to turn things around!🙂

As the year wraps up, I can't help but reflect on the incredible journey and growth.

It's not just about the accomplishments but the memories we've crafted.

Here's to the moments that shaped us,

the challenges that made us stronger,

and the laughter that echoed through our coffee-fueled adventures!🥂☕

This year was a rollercoaster of achievements, and some unplanned ones too! Here's a sneak peek into my 2023 highlights: 1. Brushed up 18 new coffee paintings

2. Launched my coffee painting online course "The Secrets of Painting with Coffee"

3. Exhibited my art at 5 two-day art shows, including Artwalks in San Diego, Beverly Hills, and Yorba Linda.

4. My art found its home in two more spots in LA - The Rustic Spoon.

5. Solo show at the Merc gallery in Temecula for the entire month of June 2023!

6. Treated myself to several online workshops, because who says learning stops?:

  • Pinterest marketing and branding

  • Website Branding

7. Monthly column in The Israeli Jewish Weekly Magazine—12 articles about my art and the vibes behind it.

8. Illustrated my 3rd children’s book—“Grandma’s Secret” by Aliza Berman (17 illustrations).

9. I’ve been chosen as Etsy's Star Seller

10. Taught online coffee workshops—sharing the love for coffee art.

11. Ventured into larger coffee paintings (22x30”) and my surreal set went as big as 66x30” - 'Birds Eye View'.

12. I've been honored second place in the watercolor category at the Beverly Hills Art Show (They didn’t have a Coffee category...yet!😝☕).

13. Coordinated a Live coffee & Art event with Intazza coffee shop in SD- expecting more collabs in the future.

14. 🚀 I've been crafting an exclusive course tailored for artists craving the magic of automating their art business and selling their art effortlessly, while they're asleep. 💤🎨✨Join the waiting list here I'm thankful for so much! Grateful for your support and love on this journey, and for sticking around to read my email.

Cheers to the awesome folks I met—both in person and virtually. 🥂Here's to the end of one beautiful chapter and the beginning of another.

Let's paint the upcoming year with even more joy, success, and, of course, lots of coffee! ☕🎨 Cheers to new beginnings!

Follow my next Blog post where I reveal my goals for 2024!


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