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Behind the Scenes

Meital Regev coffee artists

Discover the truth behind my art, studio, and creative process.

It's not all glamorous Instagram shots.

Each painting you see is the result of many hours of hard work, including painting, marketing, photography, editing, and more.

But it's also a journey filled with creativity, fun, joy, and laughter.


Join me on my journey!

Meital Regev's Elephant painting in the process

* How detailed are my paintings?

This elephant painting is one of my two most detailed animal paintings. I painted each and every wrinkle on its skin (in several layers each). Here you can see my work in progress. See the final painting here

Hippo coffee painting by Meital Regev in her studio

* Do I paint only at my home studio?

This Hippo coffee painting was created both at home and during San Diego ArtWalk (A fine art fair) last August, where I demonstrated live painting in my booth.  See the final painting here

chess painting using coffee by Meital Regev

* Do I paint by looking at a photo?

I love to paint animals, but when I don't, I prefer painting by looking at the object in front of me than looking at a photo of it. Here's my chess coffee painting in progress. See the final painting here

behind the scenes of Meital Regev's Art Photography

* How does my photoshoot set look?

The next step after I finish a painting is to take photos of it with my DSLR Nikon D90 camera. I love to play with different props next to my painting, and I usually use my coffee tones backdrop.

Join my Free Masterclass and get all my tips for Art Photography. Join here!

Editing coffee art photography process by Meital Regev

* Do I edit my photos?

After taking lots of photos (usually around 30 for a single painting) I edit the most successful ones on my computer. Learn more here

Shemar  moore  coffee painting by Meital Regev

* Where's the fun?

Me being goofy while taking selfies with my new painting of Shemar Moore. See the final painting here

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