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Immerse yourself in the captivating world of contemporary art with this stunning set of 3 original paintings. These large-scale coffee paintings depict a mesmerizing flock of geese gracefully soaring through the sky.

But here's the twist: each goose incorporates a human eye within its body, symbolizing the beautiful interplay between nature and the cycles of life. 


Prepare to be enchanted by the seamless fusion of artistic expression and the wonders of nature, bringing a captivating ambiance to your home. These mesmerizing coffee paintings will create a striking focal point, sparking conversations and inviting contemplation.

Immerse yourself in the symbolic interplay between the geese and human eyes, and let the art breathe life into your space, infusing it with beauty, intrigue, and a touch of surreal wonder.


☕The painting was painted using coffee only!!

        THE STORY BEHIND THIS PAINTING 'BIRD'S EYE VIEW' (Sounds dramatic ha?!🥁)


During my aerospace BSc years at university, I had a memorable experience showcasing my final project on wingtip vortex in airplanes during the Flow Seminar.

To demonstrate this phenomenon, I took inspiration from nature and used geese as my illustrative example.


Nature's marvel never ceases to amaze me.

The first goose in a majestic triangular formation is the strongest, its wingtips creating a vortex that propels the next goose behind it. This incredible synergy continues until we reach the last goose, which relies on the collective force of all its companions to soar through the sky.


Now, you may be wondering, how does all this connect to my painting? 

I decided to paint a flock of geese but with a unique twist. 


The eye painted in the leading goose, is the wise elder, embodies profound wisdom and the lessons of a life well-lived. (not necessarily the physically strongest ). Through her eye, we catch a glimpse of a reflection—a grandchild beaming with joy.


The next goose in line is a mature woman, still learning and growing, her reflection mirroring a book, a testament to her ongoing pursuit of knowledge. 


Following her is the eye of a teenage girl, immersed in the world of social media, her eyes reflecting a phone—a symbol of connection and exploration in the modern age.


Moving down the line, we encounter a baby's eye, not a toddler's. her reflection captures a baby toy, representing her journey of discovering shapes and colors and navigating her own unique path in this vast world.


Lastly, the lowermost goose, painted separately, stands tall as an independent soul - The toddler's eye. Clutching a toy train, which embarks on an adventure into the unknown, growing as rapidly as a train on a railway.


And the feathers - feathers often evoke a sense of freedom, spirituality, and divine connection. Their lightness and ability to soar through the air make feathers a powerful emblem of flight and liberation.

In some Native American cultures, feathers symbolize the power and wisdom of birds, serving as a representation of strength, courage, and protection.


Voilà! That, my dear friend, is the story behind my surreal coffee art. 

It's the largest coffee painting I've ever created, measuring a whopping 66 x 30 inches, and decorated with real gold leaf 24K (The feathers).





The original painting was painted on premium fine art paper. It has a beautiful, smooth finish 

⭐ Please note, the frame is included. 

⭐ These are my own, original coffee paintings!


Size: 3 paintings of  22x30" each, creating a mural of 66x30" in total 


Shipped in sturdy packaging protecting the art


* Please keep in mind that colors vary among computer monitors, the printed colors may differ slightly from what you see on your screen.

* Frames are included 

* All designs are the property of Meital's Coffee Art and are for personal use only.

* These designs may not be shared, resold, reproduced, distributed
   by electronic means or profit in any way and you may not claim them as your own

* By purchasing this art you agree to the above terms and conditions

* Please contact me if you aren't satisfied for any reason


All images © MeitalsCoffeeArt 2024. All rights reserved.




   I'm an artist by heart and my love for people and nature is shown in every creation. 

Here you'll find unique wall art for your loved ones and for your home, made by a well-caffeinated woman (that's me 😆) who LOVE to

 paint and love her coffee  ☕☕☕

I hope that looking at my art will make you happy and the magical scent of your coffee will brighten your day ⭐


    Please feel free to contact me with any questions or custom orders:


Thank you for stopping by!

Much love,


Original Surreal Art Geese in the sky, Large scale painting, Collectible art

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • This is the original coffee painting.

    ⭐ Please note, the frame is included. 

    ⭐ These are my own, original coffee drawings! they are all signed by me. 







           Original painting size: 3 paintings of 22x30" each, creating a mural of 66x30" in total

    (only one is available, not a copy print but the original coffee painting signed by me)

          ANY OTHER SIZES - ARE ALSO AVAILABLE as prints- please contact me at  and I'll be more than happy to create a custom order, especially for you!


Edgar & Anne

Love itDon’t love itNot greatSatisfiedReally goodLove itLove it? Rate it

May 18, 2024

Stephan loves all of your coffee art of Dozer. what memories going forward!

Gay and Richard

Love itDon’t love itNot greatSatisfiedReally goodLove itLove it? Rate it

Jun 28, 2022

We bought the painting on Friday night, went to Hobby Lobby for the perfect frame on Saturday & hung it on the wall Sunday. Enjoy Meital’s art; she is very talented, a pleasure to deal with & she is very responsive to your requests.


Love itDon’t love itNot greatSatisfiedReally goodLove itLove it? Rate it

Jun 6, 2023

Meital is such an incredibly talented Individual! The depth and clarity of her coffee painting is breathtaking! Her attention to every detail shows in each and every aspect of her art as well as how she runs her business. Each item I ordered was packaged so carefully and it was like getting a special present when opening it. I am so grateful that we have been able to learn more about coffee art through through Meital! Thank you- you are amazing!


Love itDon’t love itNot greatSatisfiedReally goodLove itLove it? Rate it

Feb 15, 2023

Love, Love, Love my new art piece. I saw it at a coffee shop in town and had to have it. It’s really unique. Also thumbs up for shipping and packaging, it shipped really quickly and arrived well secured in its box.


Love itDon’t love itNot greatSatisfiedReally goodLove itLove it? Rate it

Aug 3, 2022

It’s remarkable art work that catches the eye. And every visitor who hears about the creation of art work is stunned. Meital organized a very timely delivery as we wanted to have the art work as a presence. And, not to forget that it’s not only the art but also Meital that is a fun person to talk to. Big thanks!

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