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Surreal and Modern Art made with coffee

I help Artists and Art Collectors bring dreams to life through the magic of imagination, a brush and a cup of COFFEE!

Meital Regev Coffee Artists.jp2

Welcome to my caffeinated corner where dreams brew on paper and creativity percolates in the air

I drink it,
paint with it, and teach others how to create art with it

Say goodbye to mundane boring and ordinary and embrace the world of extraordinary art.


Welcome to the realm of Modern, Surreal, coffee art – where each piece sparks captivating conversations in your very own living room!


Infused with my passion for people, animals, surrealism, and of course, COFFEE, every creation is a unique blend of creativity and craftsmanship


Due to its neutral and earthy tones, coffee art effortlessly integrates into any existing decor becoming a conversation starter and a statement piece in your stylish home.

Octopus in your coffee by Meital Regev



Join Meitals Art Club and Paint like a pro!

Steal my 8-step formula and start painting like a pro!

☕ Learn how to set up an inviting place to paint

☕ How to get into a creative mood

☕ How to find inspiration sources

☕ How to explore new mediums

and everything you need in order to start painting like a PRO!

Free guide for Artists by Meital Regev


Surreal and Modern art all made guessed it,

coffee, coffee and more coffee

coffee stain art

Find the perfect coffee-inspired gift for yourself or your coffee lover friend!

Various sizes available

Puppy_coffee_painting_original custom art

Want a custom piece of coffee art? Have a unique coffee art dream? Share it with me, and I will turn it into a reality!

Various sizes available

coffee painting courses for beginners

Dive into my world and free your creativity and imagination! I will teach you how to create your own beautiful coffee art.

Here you can find original coffee art, custom portraits, coffee prints, and nursery art.

*** Shipping Worldwide ***


I’m Meital Regev. an aerospace engineer turned award-winning coffee artist, based in Temecula, CA

Meital Regev

My art style is all about keeping things fresh and pleasing to the eye.

I mix a healthy dose of surreal and modern art, and sprinkle in some humor!


The result is a quirky mixture that's uniquely me. I draw inspiration from animals and human faces, but here's the twist: I paint them with coffee! Yep, you heard that right.

I brew up my art using the same stuff that gets your morning started 😝

My mission? To make you crack a smile or even burst into laughter with my art. I'll admit, my sense of humor might not be everyone's cup of coffee, but hey, that just adds to the charm.


So buckle up and get ready for a wild and caffeinated ride through my whimsical creations!

Does your home reflect who you really are?

  • Do you feel your home decor is boring or misses a fresh self-touch?

  • Are you looking for art that will enhance your space but also spark interesting conversations with your guests?

  • Are you constantly searching for the perfect gift, challenge yourself to find a unique and thoughtful present for coffee-loving friends and family?

  • Do you want eco-friendly art, which is also sustainable and suits your eco-conscious values?

  • Or maybe you are looking for custom coffee art, a personalized piece tailored to YOUR preferences?

Meital Regev studio_CA

It’s time to make your home more YOu!

Moblie Copy of Meital's Coffee Art

Infuse your surroundings with laughter, smiles, and a touch of LOVE!

Let your passion for coffee come alive in an artistic, unique way through coffee art.


Unlike traditional paintings, it's a canvas of individuality that ignites conversations with its captivating and unusual style.


Whether it's your home, a cozy cafe, or a playful nursery, coffee art seamlessly adorns various spaces.


Add that extra spark to your world!

Baby Coffee  Custom Painting
Testemonial of a happy customer of Meital's Art
Happy Customers who purchased Meital's Coffee Art
Happy Customers who purchased Meital's Coffee Art in art shows
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